I know you are excited to code some programs right away , but you need some environment (JVM) in order to run your programs , computer operating systems don’t know how to deal with your java code . Yeah , its simple this blog will guide you through step by step process in downloading and installing the Java environment and Java development kit right into you OS.

Before downloading and installing the software , you need to know some basic stuff on how exactly the programs will run on your java development kit ? what actually a java development kit is ? what actually a JVM stands for? and where can I get it ? how to install it ?. where do I write the code? Well , I guess you are in the right place I have the answers to your questions.

What is meant by JVM?

Java Virtual Machine  is an dependent platform where your java programs will run and execute.Confused? , I will take you through a detail explanation. Java is an independent language but JVM is an dependent.Any java class files can run in any computer regardless of where it came from. Java Virtual Machine is a specification where you can run any java program.

work of JVM 

The first thing you will do right after the code is completed is ‘compiling‘ and then ‘executing‘ , what’s these roles actually do ‘compilation‘ and ‘execution‘ . when you are done with your code part the next thing is you have to compile it. And when you compile a program the JVM will transform your human understandable code into ‘bytecode‘ which is also called as ‘.class‘ file.  Bytecode is a highly optimized set of instructions designed to be executed by the Java run-time system which is also called as Java Virtual Machine and this bytecode can be executed in any OS which has JVM and that’s the reason java is called as independent language.The bytecode contains only  0 and 1’s.

jdk and jvm


Java Development Kit (JDK)

JDK is a software development environment for developers used to develop java applications and applets. JDK includes JRE ( Java run-time environment) , and a JVM for compiling and executing the java programs. Java programs are nothing but a simple text file which is saved by the ‘.java‘ extension. JDK has compiler which is called as ‘javac‘ and executor which is called as ‘java‘. After writing and saving your java code javac is used to compile and java is used to execute your program.And this whole process is done inside the command prompt. Working with command prompt is a time taking process and error factors are more.

In order to overcome such factors java has IDE’s which can be downloaded at free of cost like Eclipse IDE or NetBeans IDE. This tools makes developers to one-click and drag and drop features which is very time saving process and error free process.

To download latest version of JDK and IDE’s please visit our Java downloads page.